The Original My Help Card




A backup plan for a situation you never want to be in. 

My Help Card hides in your wallet until you need it.


  1. It’s the size and thickness of a credit card. It feels like a regular credit card.
  2. It has a fake black stripe on the back to look like a real card from behind.
  3. The text on the front is short and to the point with a clear call to action.

Ideas on How to Use It

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to ask for help but can’t verbalize it, the My Help Card can be a way to ask for that help discreetly.

  1. Slide it to another person face down.
  2. Leave it for a server face down on the table when you leave.
  3. Put it behind a credit card and hand it to a server/cashier.
  4. Put it behind your driver’s license if you get pulled over and hand it to the officer.
  5. Drop it behind you as you leave a room.
  6. This is your call, but writing your name in Sharpee on the top of it could help in a situation if you have to leave it behind. Be sure to leave the back blank.
  7. Put a code word on it in case it’s a false alarm.

Tip: Practice. Don’t let the first time you use this card be when you need it. Practice using it with someone you trust – who knows you’re practicing.

Warning: This is a use at your own risk product. There is no way to guarantee that it won’t make the situation worse, or will get you out of a bad situation. We can’t guarantee how the person you hand it to will react, or if they will call the police. We can’t guarantee that the wrong person won’t see it and escalate the situation. But it also could be your way out. A way to get a request for help out to another person when you can’t readily ask for it. It’s a backup plan – a last resort.

Shipping: Price includes shipping.

Bulk Orders: Please reach out for bulk pricing.

Billing: To protect our customer’s privacy, the charge for the card will show up as “MY H CARD” on your statement. We removed the “elp” from Help to try to keep it ambiguous.


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